Desa Seni Yoga Retreat, Canggu, Bali

I was blessed to have been told about the Desa Seni Resort by one of my yoga students before leaving on our trip to Bali. He had told me about this wonderful place that he had stumbled upon by accident and ended up staying a week there. It caters for a higher end clientel as the resort is rated 5 stars. But if you can't afford the $200US per night then your welcome to come along to any of the yoga classes that they have on offer each day.

I got up early and took a 15 minute scooter ride to the resort which is located in Canggu, situated about 5 mins away from Seminyak. Driving up the dirt road to the entrance I was amazed at what was in front of me. A stunning landscape of manicured gardens with little huts dotted around, a tranquil pool area to relax and a cute little cafe with yummy meals to indulge in. I was greeted by the valet who took my helmet and showed me the way to reception. I paid $12AUD for my class, as I had arrived early I went for a walk around the retreat. It was like nothing I had seen before, an eco friendly, sustainable retreat complete with organic veggie gardens, houses and huts made from recycled materials, little stepping stones made up the pathways and a beautiful airy yoga pavilion up on the little hill.

My class was about to begin, a 75 min Kundalini yoga class with a wonderful teacher Daphna Dor originally from New York.  Her style was calming yet powerful as she led us through a deep and meaningful practise, working on the Throat Kriya. Surrounded by the beautiful gardens it was an incredible experience to be practising kundalini yoga here. She gently guided us through a breathing technique to start before going into the Kriya, one that was aimed at opening up the throat chakra, expressing out true selves in the world. 

Combining strong breathing with poses I could feel the effects slowly taking over my body, mind and spirit as I immersed myself in the practise. Her wealth of knowledge on the body mechanics gave more meaning and understanding to what we were doing in each pose. How it affected us on a mental, physical and spiritual level whilst engaging in each pose.

After the class I followed some of the other students into the lounge area overlooking the grounds, some refreshing lemongrass tea was being served and the comfy couches were a nice place to relax and unwind. I met some lovely people from around the world whilst drinking my tea and enjoying the peace and serenity of the resort.