Yoga classes at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali

During my first week in Ubud I have some time to take part in some yoga classes at a few different studios around town. My last trip to Bali I had booked into a 10 day yoga retreat at The Yoga Barn which was just what I needed at the time. I was spoilt by the vast array of yoga classes offered there and I made the most of my 10 day yoga retreat. I didn't get to try out any classes at other yoga studio's on that trip so this time I was looking forward to exploring the other studios in town.

I had remembered walking past a studio called Radiently Alive and I did recall hearing some things from other travellers about their classes. I discovered they have a really affordable one day pass which gave you unlimited yoga classes for the whole day. So I got up early and went along to the early morning Iyengar class taught by Daniel Aaron, who happens to be the founder of this beautiful space. An inspiring 75 min class that also included a mini workshop which focused on a step by step guide to forward folding correctly. A strong start to the day with this powerful yoga practise that had me wide awake and feeling the heat within my body pretty quickly.

I stayed for the next class which was Hatha yoga taught by Sarah Holland, a beautiful teacher from Canada. This is the style that I teach so it was such a treat to do a class in a style that I feel most comfortable practicing. At the beginning she asked everyone to turn to the person next to you and say 3 things that you are grateful for right now. Then choosing one and using that as my intention for my yoga practise. Her style was fluid and gentle, a great mix of floor and standing poses and ending with a relaxing meditation. By the end of this class the heat of the day was creeping in and my tummy was growling for food.


I went across the road to Bali Buddha for lunch. Relaxing on the couches as I enjoyed my healthy and delicious meal I reflected on the classes I had just participated in and was feeling inspired with a renewed focus by everything I had experienced and learnt so far that morning.

A couple of hours had passed and feeling well fed and rested I decided to head back to the studio for a Restorative yoga class taught by Rusty Davis another experienced and inspiring teacher from America. It's been quite a while since I've done this style of yoga and the amount of props I had around me made me wonder how we were going to use them all in a 75 min class. But I was pleasantly surprised as each one had multiple uses to assist in poses and aid in slowing the body down to rest in each one. 

I would highly recommend taking a class at Radiantly Alive as the level of teachers here is at a very high standard. It is smaller then some of the other studios in town but it has a warmth and openness that the bigger ones just can't provide. They have also just opened up their holistic therapies rooms offering an array of alternate therapies to choose from.