Teaching Yoga Classes at Lululemon Burnside Store

For the month of June, I was given the opportunity for a second time to teach the in-store yoga classes at the Burnside Lululemon store on Wednesday evenings. A few months back I had experienced what it was like to teach these classes at the city store and this time around I would be teaching at the other SA store situated inside a shopping centre with a very different demographic.

The Burnside store opened in November 2014 inside the Burnside Village Shopping Centre and they offer free in-store yoga classes to the community every Wednesday night. As my classes were well received at the city store I was invited by Lululemon to teach for the month of June and of course, I jumped at the chance to accept their offer. 

As it's a much smaller store than the city location the class size was around 20-25 each week which was a much more intimate and relaxed environment. I did have quite a few students who were brand new to yoga but I found that it was a mix of beginners/intermediate students which meant that I could add a few harder poses and vinyasa flows into my classes. Integrating breathing techniques and chakra/astrological meditations where a few added benefits for the students. 

I found quite a few students loved the relaxation at the end and would also be intrigued by each week's astrological meditation. So many students told me that it deeply resonated with them and explained why certain situations/events were playing out in their lives during this time. 

Thank you again, Lululemon for giving me the chance to teach the in-store classes which allowed me to learn more about myself as a yoga teacher and to deepen my style of teaching. It's such a blessing to be apart of an organisation that really supports and promotes yoga teacher's in the community.