Teaching yoga in Bali (Part 2)

My next stop in Bali was Ubud. Some people either love it or really dislike it, but if you love yoga like me then this place is considered the yoga mecca of Bali. 

After staying a week at a guesthouse right in the hear of Ubud I decided to spend the next week at Anand Ashram situated out in the rice fields of Ubud. My host kindly offered to take me on their scooter to the ashram so I hopped onto the back and we weaved our way through the traffic of Ubud and out into the serene landscape of rice paddies and palm trees where my next accommodation awaited me.

No words can describe the sheer beauty of this place, the photos just don't do it justice! I instantly felt the stress from being in a busy town melt away and I couldn't wait to immerse myself in this beautiful environment. On offer each day was a morning meditation, a fire ceremony followed by a yoga session that I was fortunate enough to teach in the spacious outdoor yoga pavilion. A midday and sunset meditation was also offered and 3 nights of the week an evening event of kirtan/talks were open for guests and locals. The hosts were gracious, open minded and welcoming from the moment I arrived. 

Teaching guests from all around the world was a blessing and I had to remind myself that I was really living out my dream each morning, teaching yoga in a beautiful part of the world in such a spiritual and sacred space. The ashram was a place of stillness and peace, allowing one to slow down and tune into their higher self.

Teaching yoga in Bali (Part 1)

What an adventure I have had the past couple of months. I have been planning to book a trip back to Bali for a little while now and finally found the time to go back during July/August for a month long holiday. My first trip 2 years ago involved a lot of backpacking around the island so this time I wanted a much more relaxed and peaceful trip with less moving around and more time to spend at  each place on the island.

After hours of researching on Airbnb I narrowed it down to my top picks and waited with baited breath to get the booking's accepted from the hosts. Out of the the 4 places I had booked I was given the opportunity from 2 of the hosts to offer morning yoga classes to the array of travellers from around the world that would be be staying there.

The first stop on my trip was a villa called the Dragon Pyramid, located in a village called Kerobakan about a 10 min scooter ride from Seminyak. Sally who is originally from Australian and her Balinese partner Boi own the villa and rent out their unique and quirky rooms. 

For the first 10 days of my trip I looked forward to being woken up by the smell of frangipani's in the air, the sound of the animals stirring and the tinkering sounds of guests making tea and coffee coming from the kitchen below. I would look forward to seeing who would be up and ready for a yoga class with me. Each morning I would see the same smiling eager faces of the guests and new ones that had just arrived.

The space that I taught my classes was situated right in the middle of the villa surrounded by a circular pool, architecturally designed using sacred geometry. A beautiful energy swirled around us as the water slowly circled, the air blew through the pavilion, the morning sun slowly rose and filled the space with light and the animals watched curiously as we practised yoga together.

I learnt so much from the vast array of beautiful people that I was fortunate enough to teach, they came from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. To my surprise I discovered they were all new to yoga and had never done a class before. I felt blessed to be passing on my knowledge and opening up their lives to the practise of going within, connecting with their breath and listening to their bodies which are all aspects of the practice of yoga.