Rarely have I met a more kind soul then Jess. She taught me to be gentle towards myself, and my body. She also did a Reiki & Chakra healing on me, the first person whom I have trusted to get close to my vulnerable self in this way - which says a lot about her.
— Marit de Loojier, Netherlands

I would like to thank you, Jess, for starting me on my yoga journey. I have appreciated your encouragement and gentle guidance. You are an asset and inspiration to any student who is lucky enough to learn from you.
— Julie, Glenelg Community Center, Adelaide

Thank you for your beautiful classes and supporting your students in every way.
— Rosie Davoli, owner of Exhale Yoga Studio, Adelaide

Your gentle nature and guidance have been greatly appreciated. I always get a good stretch and feel relaxed after your class.
— Marie, The Advertiser, Adelaide

Thank you, Jess, for your dedication to your students, your graceful and calming presence will be missed. It has been a pleasure having you part of the team and I know you will continue to spread your love of yoga around the world.
— Carmel Taylor, manager of Better Movement Studio, Adelaide

Jess is a teacher who is the epitome of a gentle soul, she delivers classes that offer modifications, honouring the abilities and limitations of her students. Her soft voice guides you into a blissful relaxation, allowing one to let go of the stress from the outside world.
— Kate Wilton, Born Healthy Yoga, Canada