WOmen's sacred circles

Women’s circles are an amazing source of knowledge, support and inspiration. During these circles we will investigate the feminine archetypes we embody. We will work with aspects of femininity to cultivate more of certain archetypical qualities like wisdom, compassion, sensuality, wild nature and your true essence.

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what is a women's circle?

Women’s sacred circles are a journey within to unleash and let go of what no longer serves you. The circle provides a loving and encouraging space to free your inner voice, speak your mind, enliven your possibilities, spark your imagination, and connect more deeply to energies within and with each other.

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What does the circle offer?

Women have sat together in circle for a long time, but this is not common in the western world. Imagine growing up in a tradition where you were invited into a safe space with women and you could talk freely without judgement, fear or criticism.

Having the freedom to express your thoughts, concerns, achievements, and inspirations, as well as covering a range of topics that are important to women. This is blessings of being apart of a circle and also what it offers to each and every woman.

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what happens in the circle?

We start by introducing ourselves briefly, followed by a guided meditation and opening of the circle, calling in our spirit guides, angles, and the energy of women in our life that we would like to be present during the circle.

From here we open up the circle to share our stories and experiences, speak our truth, be witnessed and heard by each and every woman in a safe and supportive space.

During this time we can also 'call in' what we want in our life at the present moment, affirming to ourselves and to each other the changes that you want to make in your life. We end our circle with a guided meditation and thanking one another for being present and sharing their energy with the group.